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The evolution of the North Carolina Constitution is a part of our shared history and being together to learn and react allows us to grow as a community. Presentations have been given across the state and in our state capitol.

This image shows the cast that gave freely of their time for the State Capitol event. Front row left to right: Earl Ijames, Curator, NC Museum of History; actor David Sweeney, and Ann McColl. Back row left to right: Reverend William Barber II, NAACP President; actress Hillary Edwards; actor Paul Paliyenko, actor Eric Hale, and director and actor Ian Finley.

Ann McColl draws on about eight hours of presentation materials to adapt a multi-media presentation of Constitutional Tales to the interests of an audience. Judges, lawyers, historians, educators, students, advocates, legislators, and policy-makers have attended these presentations. You can learn more about the content by going to About the Tales.

Want a glimpse of a presentation?
Here’s an excerpt from the video produced by Learn NC from the State Capitol event on November 5, 2009. This full production presentation uses actors to recreate debates and other important events. You also can check out the Photo Gallery for photos from presentations.

Click on the "play" icon in the video player below to see a portion of the Constitutional Tales as performed at the State Capitol. At this point in the presentation the Civil War has just concluded and North Carolina is holding its 1865 constitutional convention. Black Freemen and Freedmen are organizing and deciding how to influence the convention.

The player will show in this paragraph

Constitutional Tales is also a part of the community through collaborations with talented people and supportive organizations.  Here are just a few that have provided sustaining support for the Tales.

Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South 
The Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South is a nonprofit organization in Durham, North Carolina, with the goal of supporting and connecting women who understand their lives and work as ministry. Founded in 1977, RCWMS has sponsored dozens of workshops, conferences, and retreats on feminism, faith, creativity, spirituality, and justice. RCWMS also provides mentorship and support, in part by enabling projects like Constitutional Tales to become sponsored projects.

As a sponsored project of RCWMS, Constitutional Tales can accept tax-deductible donations and will be eligible for grant funding. Visit the RCWMS website.

Donn Young Photography 
Acclaimed photographer Donn Young gave freely of his time and talent to photograph the state capitol and the event held at the Capitol. He also lent his expertise in artistic design in refining slides used in the performances. Many of his images grace this website. Visit his website.

Donn is also the creator of the non-profit organization "40 Days and 40 Nights" which has as its mission using art to explore importabt social issues. Katie Bowler is Managing Director. Visit the 40 Days and 40 Nights website

Ian Finley 
Ian is a local playwright and  educator for Burning Coal Theatre. His plays include 1960, Haiti, Suspense, Green Square, the Oakwood Cemetery cycle of plays (featured on National Public Radio) and The Nature of the Nautilus (winner of the Kenney Center's Jean Kennedy Smith Award).

Ian gave generously contributed his time in giving guidance on the script for the State Capitol event. He also served as director and recruited the actors.

Ian can be reached at 

Wallace Hannum 
Wally is a professor at UNC Chapel Hill and consultant to many national and international governments and corporations. He is the author of five books and numerous article about using technology in education.

He gives instructional design guidance to the Constitutional Tales project and is the designer and creator of the Constitutional Tales website. Visit his website

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